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Advice on gangs


Being in a gang can make you feel part of something or that you belong.

But some gangs take part in criminal activity and might try to get you involved with them. Being part of a gang like this can be dangerous. Sometimes you can be forced to commit a crime or do things that are unsafe.

If a gang carries knives or other weapons, they might get them out to show off or intimidate people. This can be very scary for other people, especially if they think the gang will use them.

If you're feeling pressured to be in a gang:

  • remember no one has the right to pressure you
  • spend more time with friends who aren't involved in the gang, or places where you know they won't be
  • you can talk to a trusted adult or to our counsellors if you're being forced into a gang.


Young people join gangs for lots of different reasons. Some of these include:

  • fitting in with friends and other gang members
  • having the same interests as other people, like sports or music
  • feeling respected and important
  • to be protected from bullying or from other gangs
  • making money from crime or drugs
  • gaining status and feeling powerful.

Hanging out with your friends can be a good way to get to know each other and share hobbies and interests. But it can become dangerous if you join a gang that does illegal things like theft or gun and knife crime

You don't have to join a gang if you don't feel comfortable or sure about things.


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