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Our vision

Together, we can stop child abuse and neglect. Through the collective power of our staff, volunteers, supporters and partners, and our 100 years of experience; we will move closer to achieving that goal.

Working together

We couldn't have created this strategy on our own. We spoke to many people - staff, volunteers, young people, external stakeholders and more - to decide how we can build on what we've already achieved, and what to do next. Together, we decided to work towards three impacts for children.

The difference we want to see by 2031

We have three areas of focus from 2021 onwards, these are ways we want to impact children in the next ten years. We must focus on these to make the most progress towards our overall vision, to stop child abuse and neglect.

Each of the impact goals below contribute something different. On their own they will see us make significant and necessary changes for children. Together they will build on each other and have a huge impact on children's lives. 

Our three impact goals

Everyone plays their part

We’ll make it easier for everyone to play their part and create a social safety net that prevents abuse and neglect.

Everyone is safe

We’ll support parents, carers and people who work with children to recognise signs of abuse and help keep everyone safe online.

Everyone feels safe, listened to and supported

By working together to give children the supportive response they need, we can also make sure abuse doesn’t shape their future. We want to build on and share our expert support to help children recover if they've experienced it.